Minsk: Flats of reps of environmental organisations searched

Yanina Melnikava. Photo: Yanina Melnikava / Facebook

On Friday morning, security officers made an unexpected visit to Minsk-based journalist Yanina Melnikava.

“They have come to me,” the journalist managed to say on Facebook.

Yanina Melnikava is editor-in-chief of the Green Portal (greenbelarus.info). According to it, Melnikava is still out of reach. It is known that the door to her apartment was broken down. Around 10.10 she was placed in a police vehicle and taken to the Belarusian Investigative Committee. During the search, her equipment was seized, the status of Yanina Melnikava is ‘witness’.

In addition, representatives NGO Ekadom told Belsat that at about 11 am the KGB officers started raiding the flat of Iryna Sukhiy, a member of Ekadom board and an activist of the Belarusian Anti-Nuclear Campaign.

Belarus authorities close down environmental watchdog Ekadom