Minsker fined for wearing wrong color socks

Natallia, a resident of Minsk, was arrested on March 25 for wearing white socks with a red stripe. The court fined her 80 basic units (2,320 BYN) for this, reports tut.by.

On March 24, the police came to Natallia Siutsova-Sidushkina. They saw red and white ribbons on the balcony of her apartment. They took the ribbons off and filed a report for picketing. On 25 March, she was found guilty of an administrative violation and sentenced to a fine of 70 basic units (2,030 rubles).

On the evening of the same day, after the trial, Natallia went to the driver’s course, but on the way, she was detained by the law enforcers and told that she had “socks of the wrong color.” The next day Natallia was tried again under Part 1 Article 24.23 of the Administrative Code. But the judge sent the report for revision. In the end, the policemen wrote in the report that the girl was not only wearing white-red-white socks but also had her hands up with her fingers in a “V” shape.

As a result, Judge Syarhei Shatyla fined Natalia 80 basic units (2,320 rubles). It was this very judge who had previously judged Natallia for the ribbons.

“Now I owe 4,350 rubles. I don’t have that kind of money to pay the fine, even though I work, but I don’t have the opportunity to save. I tried to appeal against the court decision on the ribbons, but it was upheld. Now I’m going to try to appeal against the decision on the socks,” says Natallia.