State trade unions rally outside U.S. Embassy in Minsk

Gathering of trade union representatives in Minsk. Photo: readers

The official Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus held a rally in Minsk on May 1.

The participants were required to meet at 9 am in front of the trade union building, but they were not told where they would be taken, Belsat readers write.

As many as 15 buses took them to the US embassy building.

There were children among the protesters.

Children at the action. Photo: readers of

Trade union portal reports that “15 industrial trade unions of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus demanded to cancel the illegal economic sanctions against the Belarusian enterprises.”

People were brought to the U.S. embassy. They chanted, “No to sanctions!” Nobody dispersed them, nor did the coronavirus hampered the action.

According to Euroradio, the rally ended very quickly.