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2019.11.19 08:00

Winners, falsifications, reactions — Parliamentarian elections in Belarus

On 17 November, Belarus held the election to the House of Representatives. As independent observers have shown, the election was heavily falsified. Violations started with denied registration for many opposition activists and continued with early voting, pressure on citizens, and falsification of the votes.

2019.11.20 14:34

Gazprom offers Kyiv contract extension for waiver

2019.11.20 13:34

Russian citizen on trial for drug smuggling

2019.11.20 13:03

Belarusian authorities are very afraid of public reaction to integration agreements, political scientist claims

2019.11.20 12:02

Tallinn accuses Russia of annexing 5% of Estonian territory

2019.11.15 11:28

Foreign investment in Belarus down by $600 mln

2019.11.15 07:47 Video

Girl caught at ballot stuffing attempt

2019.11.14 15:32

Defense minister names Ukraine’s enemy