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2018.11.14 06:59

Lukashenka: Belarus to experience ‘political turmoil’ for at least year and half

During the appointment of certain officials on November 13, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that Belarus should soon expect “political turmoil” and it would last “at least a year and a half”, and the election campaigns “never added stability to the society”.

2018.11.14 07:05

UCP press secretary Hanna Krasulina faces deportation from Belarus

2018.11.14 06:38

Small arms factory under construction near Vorsha

2018.11.13 14:10

Financial recession remains in place in Belarus – World Bank rep

2018.11.13 13:07

Special commission to check ‘foreign media products’ distributed in Belarus

2018.11.13 11:33

Lukashenka appoints new envoy to Russia

2018.11.13 10:40

Ukraine arrests suspect of organising murder of activist Kateryna Handziuk

2018.11.13 07:48

Serbian Orthodox Church did not support decision of Constantinople on UOC

2018.11.13 07:37

Separatist ‘republics’ should be dismantled – USA about ‘elections’ in Donbas