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2019.06.25 15:26

Belsat TV statement regarding Press Club Belarus monitoring report

We are greatly astounded and disappointed having read the quarterly Belarusian media monitoring report developed by Press Club Belarus.

2019.06.25 15:11

Pole gets heavy sentence in Russia over ‘espionage’

2019.06.25 13:36

Lukashenka invites Putin to European Games closing ceremony

2019.06.25 13:11

‘Terrorist threats’. Russia testing combat readiness in Central Asia

2019.06.25 11:27

In wake of protests: Ten Georgian policemen suspended from service

2019.06.25 10:31

Former Uzbek leader’s daughter says she gave $1.2 bn back to state

2019.06.25 08:45 Video

German envoy says goodbye in Belarusian

2019.06.24 14:23

Poland to host 3rd European Games in 2023

2019.06.24 14:06

Looming integration: Russia, Belarus PMs set new date