war with ukraine

Is Russia no longer the main threat to the West?
It is according to the recently presented annual report on global threats.
I am afraid of the Greeks
Vladimir Putin is ready for dialogue with the West about the war in Ukraine. Is that really the case?
If you want peace, prepare for war
In 1938, peace was saved in Munich for a year.
The year 2023 presented multiple challenges for Ukraine. The upcoming year may bring no improvements
The Ukrainian counteroffensive brought only minor results. There were problems with Western aid.
Putin in Wonderland
Every third Russian believes in prophecies of the future, and every fourth in witchcraft.
Putin's Kulturkampf. Art in the service of Russian imperialism
Valery Gergiev, a longtime friend of Putin, was appointed the Director of the Bolshoi Theater.
The Circus stars of Russian elections
Under favorable circumstances, Putin could remain in power until 2036. However, these circumstances are unlikely to occur.
Russian triathlon
Athletes and fans are dying, and infrastructure is being destroyed. The war is a disaster for Ukrainian sport.
Erasing "gray security zones" and the expansion of the West
Ukraine, Moldova and Bosnia are crossing the Rubicon. Georgia is given an option to choose.
Belsat's film was awarded in Italy. The jurors and prisoners appreciated the "Holy Water" by Andrei Kutsila
The documentary tells about the Baptism of the Lord ceremony in Kyiv a few days before the war.
Z-movie: it was supposed to be a hit, but it turned out to be schlock trash
The movies are schematic, the scripts are weak, and the actors’ acting is even worse.
Winter is on the horizon. Russia is attacking the Ukrainian energy sector again
Another harsh winter is ahead of Ukraine. The Russians have already begun shelling energy infrastructure
Is there indeed a new Korean model by the Dnieper River?
Russia’s closer ties with North Korea has its consequences.