Shelling school in Donetsk: Ukraine blames separatists for killing two teenagers (photos)

Two teenagers died and four were wounded when an artillery shell hit a school playing field as they played football in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday.

The shell that hit School No63 came from the direction of separatist-controlled Makiivka, Yevhen Perebyinis said on Twitter.

“As a result of a missile strike from the conflict zone two teenagers were killed and a further three were injured on a school sports field,” the administration said in an online statement, reports.

The attack in Donetsk came as both sides in the Ukrainian conflict accused each other of tearing up a peace deal. A fragile ceasefire has been in place since Sept. 5, although hundreds of people have been killed since then.

“The shell that killed children in Donetsk was launched from the territory controlled by the insurgents. Photoproof,” Yevhen Perebyinis, Spokesman for Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, said on Twitter referring to blog Ukraine@war.

The authors of the blog deny accusations of Ukrainian troops’ involvement in the tragedy and and blame (pro-) Russian separatists for the death of two teenagers. publishes the full and untouched version of events proposed by Ukraine@war:

“In this report Russian journalists claim the missile came from Peski, a settlement where Ukrainian troops are located.

This photo from this facebookpage shows how the fence is bent INWARDS. It means the rocket must have come from the LEFT side.

This screenshot also shows that the rocket bent the fence inwards:

This screenshot shows where the rocket hit the ground and exploded. The two dead children are covered behind it, where the people are. It is clear that the rocket bent the fence and not the explosion, because the right part of the fence is not bent at all where the explosion hit.

Now we can draw a line from the position where the rocket hit the fence to where it exploded (upper red line).

Drawn on the ground this gives the direction where it came from (lower red line). This Google Streetview photo:shows the same building on the background as on the facebook photo and the same sportsfield in front of it. The difference is that Streetview has a dated photo without the fence, which is newly build there.

Nevertheless, this gives us the exact location of the field and the fence:

The red arrow shows from which direction the rocket came. On a larger scale that looks like this:

The missile came from the direction of Makiivka. All that area is Russian occupied area. The Russians shot the missile and try to blame and frame Ukraine with it.”

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (OSCE SMM) to Ukraine is verifying reports of the shelling of School No. 63 in Donetsk.

“OSCE SMM is aware of reports of shelling of school in Donetsk involving children casualties. OSCE SMM is verifying this information,” the mission reported on its page on Twitter on Thursday.

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