Russian MP: Millions of perverts may be executed after Russia quits Council of Europe

Alexei Didenko, a deputy of Russia’s State Duma, says that a moratorium on capital punishment should be lifted.

According to the MP, most citizens of Russia are in favour of repealing a ban on the death penalty (the moratorium has been in effect in the territory of Russian Federation since 1997 – Belsat).

“It will take us only 24 hours, only one day to move out of  the Council of Europe in order to do justice on millions of perverts, rapists, pedophiles who serve their terms in our prisons at the moment, ” Didenko, a deputy chair of parliamentary faction of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) and associate of notorious politician Vladimir Zhirinovski, stated after Russia had been deprived of voting rights in PACE.

 “Pulling out of the Council of Europe will free our hands and allow us to seriously re-think overthe Criminal Code and laws on the death penalty,” he stressed.

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