Belsat popular on Youtube

Belsat TV’s Youtube channel ranks number three among those of Belarusian media.

Our channel has 9,168 subscribers who watch it regularly and get notified of the latest videos. Over 7,350,000 people have viewed our video content.

The secret of popularity lies in branding, proper classification, regular updating, a political urgency of news items and a variety of issues covered.

On our Youtube channel one can watch Belsat TV programs, news bulletins along with video materials created by Belsat’s web editors (the latter are not always broadcast).

Our Youtube channel trails only the country’s most popular e-media which have been in the field for many years and can boast of having up to 100,000 unique visitors a day, for instance Charter’97 (mainly reposts videos from other channels) and Onliner (focuses on disaster and crime content).

As a comparison, news agency BelaPAN, accredited in Belarus, stands the opportunity to of legal working in the country. Having a staff of cameramen and aiming at making videos they have 317 subscribers and 2,230,000 views on their Youtube channel.

Belsat TV is snapping at the heels of state-run TV channels which hold a monopoly on Belarus’s media scene: ONT has 7,680 subscribers and 14,390,000 views while CTV has 1,955 and 5,850,000 respectively.

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