Top-5 creative ideas for rallies

Belsat TV has collected non-trivial ideas for voicing protest – dogs at the Ministry of Finance, meeting on closets, etc.


Some days ago officials of the Mexican Ministry of Finance had diffficulty concentrating because of … barking: dogs were gathering outside their windows. Having tied motto baloons to their pets the owners protested against increasing taxes on dog food. At Euromonitor’s estimate, more than half the Mexican cats and dogs are stray. Protesters were sure that as a result of a price hike, another part of pets would be given the key to the street.

{movie}Сабачы мітынг пад Міністэрствам фінансаў Мексікі|right|12913{/movie}

2. Public toilet protest

Demanded public toilet facilities on the beach of Adelaida, Australia a group of people ventured upon a new step: they took closets there, dropped their trousers, sat down and started reading newspapers.

{movie}Мітынг на ўнітазах у Адэлаідзе|right|12914{/movie}

3. Hog heads

Zmena, a youth wing of civil campaign Tell the Truth!, has won renown with their out-of-the-box protest actions in Belarus: to prevent police from arresting activists they drew … old shoes and plush toys into picketing. Curiously, swine hogs have recently conveyed their deep outrage over President Lukashenka’s intention to impose a duty for Belarusians who go shopping to foreign countries.

{movie}Пратэст свіных галоваў|right|12915{/movie}

4. Billioners’ demo

In 2010 Australian billioners who made their fortunes on mining operations took to the streets of Sydney demonstrating their disapproval of increasing taxes in the field. Well-known businesspeople of the country were seen to be holding posters, even the richest woman of Australia.


5. Veils for wearing mini

Some female residents of Konya, one of the most conservative towns of Turkey, put on veils to support their right to wear mini and not to hide their necks. They were indignant at the statement of theologian Orhan Çeker who said that women wearing inmodest clothes should not be surprised in case of rape. “No veil protect a woman from being raped,” protesters’ posters stated.

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