Chekists report hacker attack

The Committee for State Security (KGB) blamed foreign-based hackers for spreading rumours of the Belarusian rubel’s devaluation.
It is to be recalled that an image of a text message allegedly sent from an NBB phone was posted on the Facebook on January 4. The message unveiled National Bank Head Nadzeya Yermakova’s order to devalue the rubel from 8,630 to 14,340 against the dollar and from 11,270 to 18,116 against the euro.
About a thousand people received the message sent out through an Indian-based server, the Committee believes. According to them, the senders’ foreign origin is evident from the fact of unfamiliarity with Belarusian monetary units: there is no six-rubel note in circulation in our country.
Aliaksandr Tsimashenka, Press officer of the National Bank, mentioned that a similar message was blown abroad a year ago: “A secret decision on a rise in exchange rates was said to have been taken. But it did not happen and could not happen”.
The KGB is working to identify the people involved in the hacker attack.
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