BLDP flies to Russia for support

The liberal and democratic parties of Belarus and Russia came to an agreement on cooperation. The document was signed during last week’s visit of the Belarusian party delegation to Moscow, Aleh Haydukevich, Deputy Head of the Belarusian Liberal and Democratic Party (BLDP), told reporters at the press conference in Minsk. “It is way to Russia,” he commented on the agreement.
“We signed a unique political agreement having no parallel in the territory of Belarus. It is a way to Russia. We are the only Belarusian political party that enjoys ties with Russian parliamentary parties,” he said.
According to Haydukevich, the agreement includes “special clauses” stipulating political support of the Belarusian LDP on the part of their Russian counterparts. “It will be provided by Russian mass media, not by means of money. All-out support of the parties in the international field is expected,” he added.
The agreement also provides united actions for the raise of power, joint training of party cadres being covered as well.
“The democracy in the country will develop if parties do. We want to make people’s minds change: Belarusian political parties are believed to be dissidents calling only to topple Lukashenka. We will bring reality to political life. The LDP is the most untainted opposition party in Belarus,” he said.
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