Viktar Martsinovich: “Belarus needs political fiction”

The author of hit “Paranoia” denies literary values of “President L”, a work written by an anonymous author and posted on the Internet.
The novel concerns pseudo-events which take place in Belarus in 2041. The work is based on “King Lear” by Shakespeare: like the main character of the masterpiece, the president of Belarus whose name is not mentioned at the very beginning is an almighty ruler of the country but he is doomed to die alone. Shortly before he decided to divide the country between his three sons…
According to Martinovich, “President L” is not exactly a novel, it being rather “a political technology work”.
“The book is written in a very vicious language. As a matter of fact, it is not a novel, but its synopsis. I feel that the text bears marks of resemblance to the language of press releases. The text was created by the semiofficial language. It is sure not to be a work of fiction,” Martsinovich believes.
At the same time, the journalist pointed out that the genre of political fiction is increasingly in demand in Belarus. “We exist in queer political realities that have never been described in word pictures,” he stated.
In his turn, Aliaksandr Fiaduta, the author of president Lukashenka’s political biography, feels certain that opuses of this kind are of necessity.
“It is wonderful that the author has chosen a classical theme. But in general, few works appear nowadays because it is low-paid. There are few Belarusian writers who [are able to] live on their honorariums. If the book is the author’s debut he is sure to have written it to speak something out, not for the sake of money,” Fiaduta said.
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