Belsat TV to be soon available in Polish TV network
Belarus: The Supreme Court rejected the cassation appeal of a TVP journalist
The Supreme Court in Minsk yesterday reviewed the cassation appeal of Iryna Slavikava. Thus, the judge upheld the sentence to 5 years in prison.
Polish festival reserves seats for imprisoned journalists
Places for Belarusian journalists, who are now behind bars, were reserved at a festival organized by Polish Television
Euronews banned in Belarus and replaced by Pobeda
Instead of news, Belarusians will be shown war-related content.
Propagandist response: Belarus state-run TV uses Soviet-era names for Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland
Propagandist response: Belarus state-run TV uses Soviet-era names for Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland
Ten days in jail: Authorities retaliate against state media workers who quit in protest
On September 2, the two showmen were detained for unknown reasons and later tried under trumped-up charges.
Belarusian state-run TV workers: Russians replacing strikers
Russian specialists are about to provide assistance in broadcasting programmes of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company (BT), the employees who started protesting told journalists on Wednesday.
Belsat changes its ways during the pandemic
Here is how we have reorganized our work to bring you new information about the state of health in Belarus and the region every day.
VOT TAK! Belsat launches information portal in Russian
The information portal VOT TAK (THAT WAY) is a new project of our television aimed at Russian and Russian-speaking audience which launches on May 1. From now on “Inform and explain” – because this is how the portal’s motto sounds – is even better in this language. That’s the way!
Belsat – bringing you the news, even in tough times
The coronavirus pandemic has confirmed Belsat’s role in counterbalancing disinformation and propaganda from the Belarusian authorities and state media. Our channel has been a dependable news source during these tough times.
Russian TV anchor cannot stop laughing over news