To Be Called Humans. The Kupalarites

Director: Karyna Maroz Year: 2020

The film is an attempt to recreate the events of August 2020 that took place at the Yanka Kupala National Theater. Talks with the fired actors allows you to better understand what really happened there and why they chose to leave the theater.

In response to the rigging of the results of the presidential elections in Belarus and the violence against the protesters, the actors of the Y. Kupala Theater have been making multiple video appeals to the security forces and the Belarusian nation. In response, the authorities fired Pavel Latushka, the director of the theater. The Kupalarites have always said that they are a family, one for all, all for one. As a sign of solidarity with the fired director, actors submitted resignation notices. They want not only to survive, but also to preserve the theater team, to preserve one of the most important symbols of Belarusian culture, our Belarusianness – this is the main goal of the Kupalarites. In conversations with some of them, we will learn about their thoughts and feelings, dreams and hopes.

Film heroes: (actors of the Yanka Kupala Theater) Syarhey Chub, Dzmitry Tumas, Zoya Belakhvostsik, Pavel Kharlanchuk-Yuzhakou.

Each of them dreams of performing again in the same line-up on the stage of the Y. Kupala Theater in front of the Belarusian audience. Representatives of the national symbol have themselves become a symbol of disobedience to violence, repression and lies. The theater doors have closed, but they all believe they will reopen, so they will do whatever they can to keep the team together.

Not long later, the Kupalarites staged the premiere of “The Locals” not in the building at 7 Engels St. The creative team, despite all the difficulties, lack of space and funds, gave a performance for a narrow circle of close friends. A week later, they made it available on the Internet, where everyone can watch Yanka Kupala’s play, which is more up-to-date than ever. Free actors of the Yanka Kupala Theater still exist and give hope for victory.

Documentary, 2020, Belarus