Volunteer unit ‘Pahonia’ at Ukrainian war: Belarusian fighters are alive

There are a lot of Belarusians among Ukrainian volunteer battalions’ fighters who broke out of the encirclement near the town of Ilovaysk, Ukraine.

One of them, a fighter going by the nom-de-guerre ‘Lev’ (Lion), has told Belsat TV about the breach. Our national was participating in escorting the injured and killed.

English subtitles:

‘LEV’, a Belarusian citizen in battalion ‘Donbas’:

“We and an emergency ambulance were moving under cover of an armoured vehicle. We were breaching through Starobeshevo although we were told there were Cossacks and tanks there. We were fired at, but it wasn’t a big deal. Nobody was seriously injured. Luck loves brave people.”

But many fighters were not so lucky. When moving along the humanitarian corridor they were shelled by Russian artillerists.

‘LEV’, a Belarusian citizen in battalion ‘Donbas’:

“The sides agreed on this corridor, but it turned to be a trap. I believe it is very cruel and unscrupulous.”

There has been no confirmation of the information about the death of members of unit Pahonia (‘Pursuit’) which Belarusian volunteers are present in. A part of Pahonia fighters are staying on the front and they are alright,Tatsiana Elavaya, a unit representative, told Belsat TV.

Martsin Yarski, In Focus

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