Unemployed protest in defiance of bans

The upcoming week was supposed to be a week of preparation for the protest, but authorities in all regional centers have denied to activists the right to hold a march. Despite this, the activists are showing readiness to protest.

Authorities have issued no permits for marches.

Despite numerous applications primarily from the activists of the United Civil party, rallies against the decree on parasitism are not allowed in any regional center.

Authorities have two reasons for refusal: the activists did not submit contracts with the utilities office, law enforcement officers and doctors, who, by the way, sign the agreement only when there is a permission from the authorities. Authorities also believe the activists had chosen wrong places for rallies — central streets.

What is the scenario of protests?

Experienced politicians of the Belarusian National Congress decided not to ask any of the authorities consent for the rallies provided by the country’s Constitution, but merely informed the executive committee of the date and venue of the march in the capital. But for some reason they have not yet informed the Belarusians invited for the Friday march about the plan and the ultimate goal of the rally.

Regional activists are also planning to take part in the Sunday rally, not allowed by the authorities.

The number of participants in regional protests will, no doubt, be affected by how the protest will be held in the capital.

Volha Starastsina, “Belsat“, Photo: Vadim Zamirovski / TUT.BY

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