Trick to skirt Russia’s sanctions: Norway triples salmon export to Belarus

Salmon supplies from Norway to Belarus have been increased threefold for the first week of September, ITAR-TASS reports referring to Dagens Naeringsliv. In such a way the Norwegian companies are skirting Russia’s ban imposed on EU’s food suppliers.

In August Norway reduced seafood exports to Russia by 82% if compared with the same period in 2013.

It is widely known that Belarus gains profits by purchasing food products ‘made in the EU’, ‘editing’ some inscription on their packages and then delivering them to its eastern neighbour who took retaliation measures against the bloc for its sanctions list and support of Ukraine. For example, several chefs in Moscow were at a loss when a supply of Parmesan cheese was delivered to their restaurants. It was the same cheese they got before the sanctions, but it had a label ‘Made in Belarus’. 

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