Russian Patriarch Kirill praises Soviet Union for Christian spirit

Despite the state atheism, Soviet society managed to keep Christian roots and was able to avoid the disastrous processes that are in progress in present-day Europe and the USA, Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill told Detroit Metropolitan Nikolai, a representative the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

“We are very worried about what is happening in the Christian world. You are definitely better informed of the ongoing de-Christianization of European and American civilization than I. This is an apocalyptic picture when the sin is approved by the law, when the actions which are absolutely at odds with Christian, Jewish and divinely revealed morality on the whole, are supported by the power of the state,” said the head of the Russian Orthodox church.

According to him, even the Communist authorities of the Soviet Union did not dare to destroy the moral foundations of social life which still remained Christian., following

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