Russia rejects meat from Belarus

Belarus has created a system that focuses on re-export.

This is what the head of the “Rosselkhoznadzor” said on Friday. This week, the Russian health ministry has threatened to move from complaints and threats to the drastic measures.

Claims of “Rosselkhoznadzor”, released today, concern the presence of listeria, salmonella and other harmful substances in the products of “Servolux”, meat canning facility of Kashalyova and Vorsha. Earlier, Russians accused the Belarusian company “Lelchytskaye Raipo” and “Aneksimprad” of re-exporting Ukrainian beef. Former businessman Syarhei Skrabets, who processed the Polish meat for exports to Russia, confirms that Belarus has engaged in re-exports of European products to Russia since the 90’s.

“Aneksimprad” rejects “Rosselkhoznadzor” charges

The manufacturer claims that their products -are not re-export, but processed meat that Belarus can export to Russia no matter the origin of the raw materials. The company, in turn, accuses “Rosselkhoznadzor” of changing the rules of the game in order to pressure Belarus.

However, the address indicated on the website of “Aneksimpradu” has no signs of the company. There are many others, since the building sells legal addresses to the companies that, for example, have no staff working in the office, but require official registration and a mailbox.

“Rosselkhoznadzor” is determined 

According to its head Sergey Dankvert, today or tomorrow the agency will hold talks with the Belarusian side about solving the smuggling problem. If the result does not suit Russia, it threatens to ban the import of food from all the enterprises of Minsk region. This year the Belarusian export of beef to Russia increased by 18 thousand tons. Approximately the increase is noted in its imports from Ukraine. Food products are one of the largest items of Belarusian export. The vast majority of it goes to Russia.

Stanislau Ivashkevich, Minsk, Sorokin Donat/TASS/Forum

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