Poles, Israeli, Islamic State: Russian-backed rebels unmask unique pro-Ukrainian coalition

The Defense Ministry of the so-called Donetsk republic published the information on ‘foreign mercenaries’ fighting  for Ukraine’s army in Donbas, s-narodom.ru reports.

“In the village of Verkhnetroyetskoye  a company (from 60 to 100 people) of the Georgian Volunteer battalion has been detected. A company of U.S. and Polish military has been spotted  at the checkpoint ‘Veterok’ between Gorlovka and Dzerzhinsk,” Eduard Basurin, deputy commander of DPR ‘militia’, said.

Units of Polish private military firms (up to 1,000) were seen in Dzerzhynsk, Sloviansk, Mironovsk, Konstantinovka and Kramatorsk, DPR intelligence reports.

Two companies of Chechen volunteer battalio ‘Ichkeriya’ were deployed in a garden in the village of Krasnogorovka. And this is not the end:

“In the village of Lastochkino the location of a private military firm’s battalion (appr. 800 person) has been detected, the best part of the corps are representatives of the Negroid race. Two platoons of black military were also spotted in Slavnoye.”

There are also volunteers from Arab countries, Basurin states and suggests that the division may have a direct relation to Islamic State. Arabs are located in … a mental hospital in the village of Yasnobrodovka, separatists stress.

According to the self proclaimed republic, 14 combat drones and special forces units arrived in Odessa from Israel. The DPR officials believe that there are ex-servicemen of the Israel Defense Forces, who were sent to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry ‘Angrif’.

“These facts prove the fact that the leadership of Ukraine mainly counts on foreign private military companies that may be used in subversive activities in Donbas,” Basurin says.


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