Opposition activist finds wiretapping at home, gets arrested

He was tried for disobeying police, but got unexpectedly acquitted. Judge of the Kobryn district court considered the explanations of the policeman-witness insufficient and decided not to punish the activist Ales Mekh. But his friend Zmitser Charnitski was punished by a fine of 506 BYN.

It all started like a movie.

Mekh came to visit Zmitser Charnitski, to help put in a new lock and check the wiring. When activists began to disassemble the outlet, they found a real hidden wiretapping device.

No sooner had the men left the house, that the problems began.

“The door opened, and we saw people in masks who began choking us. They were yelling “head down”! They kicked us. Someone was choking us, twisting our hands, I did not see it, because they put down my head,” said Ales Mekh.

The detention was very harsh.

Both men were injured. Ales recorded injuries and is going to sue the police officers who detained him for battery.

“The police acted outside the law. They called the SWAT team to ensure that we do not tell people of all that wiretapping devices found in the apartment,” said Mekh.

According to Ales Mekh, while activists were at the local police station, parents of Zmitser Charnitski were not allowed in the apartment — the it is when the unknown men were plastering the wall and burying the fresh traces of special equipment. When, however, the activists had their phones returned to them, there were no photos of the devices left.

Vital Babin, “Belsat”

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