Non-parasite march in Slonim. Organizer Viktar Marchyk detained (video)

The Slonim protest against the Decree #3 started at around 3pm on Sunday and gathered a few hundred people.

“Enterprises are closed, there is no work, no money,” said residents of Slonim in during the rally from Lenin Square to City Hall.

Chairman of the Slonim district executive committee Aleh Tarhonski came out to the protesters to say that “we are ready to talk constructively, normally, calmly”.

He promised to solve the existing problems.

However, despite the promises from Tarhonski that the protest participants would not have problems after the rally, the protest organizer Viktar Marchyk was detained immediately after the event, our correspondents reported.

At the end of the rally, he promised to take the adopted resolution to the executive committee and expressed satisfaction with the number of people who had come to the event.

The witness of the detention, civil activist Aleh Masyuk, reported that unknown men in civilian clothes followed them down the street on 17 September in Slonim. Then they saw a blue minibus without number plates, Marchyk was grabbed and thrown into the car.

The trial is scheduled for Monday.

Slonim police declined to comment on the arrest. The assistant on duty said he “was not in the position to provide such information over the phone”.

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