Nobody cleaning roads from snow and ice? Call “Belsat”!

It would seem that an icy road is not too much trouble for communal services. But in one of the villages in Hlubokaye region it was solved only after the arrival of ‘Belsat’ journalists. Previously, officials thoughts only of the area around the office buildings.

If you went the other way, you could fall and get injured. Villagers of the Myaretskiya village have repeatedly complained about the icy road.

Several times the villagers called the Hlubokaye communal services office

The residents tried to contact local MPs. Faina Kozel – one of the deputies – watched ‘Belsat’ journalists from a distance, and declined to comment.

Accordng to the residents, another deputy, Anatol Zinkevich, deputy editor of the local newspaper “Hlybokaye Bulletin” also refused to help.

The officials started acting only after they saw the journalists

The day after our arrival communal services put some sand in the territory around the houses. This was also confirmed on the phone by the Hlybokaye comunal office.

Why didn’t official services act before? And will they continue to respond in a timely manner? Or will the journalists have to be called again?

Andrei Pavuk, “Belsat”

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