Illegal reexport to Russia: Belarus confirms

Belarusian customs officers discovered nearly 1,500 сases of violation associated with deliveries of sanction products to Russia.

“Since the Russian Federation imposed the ban on importing some categories of products, Belarusian customs officials reported more than 1,400 facts of administrative offenses related to the organization of illegal supply of those goods to Russia,” the Central Customs Committee in Minsk says.

Batches of fruit and vegetables were carried without shipping documents or under the guise of any other commodity. Or transports were often stopped at the border with Russia although a city or town in Belarus was marked as their destination.

“The customs officers seized more than 13,000 tons of fruit and vegetables which were illegally transported within the territory of the Eurasian Economic Community,” the Committee reports.

The cost of the goods seized amounted to 18.2 mln Belarusian rubles (appr. $9.4). Seven criminal cases were opened against organizers and participants of smuggling sanctioned goods into Russia.

The Belarusian report is a kind of response to Russia’s regular accusations of Belarus’s contribution to bypassing the embargo According to the Russian side, Minsk keepd turning a blind eye to false certificates indicating the Belarusian origin of food products which go to Russia from the European Union.

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