Minsk residents comment on Russian World adherents’ picket

Russian propaganda sites hit official Minsk with criticism, one of the leaders of the Russian State Duma even offered to Belarus to become a part of Russia, if Belarus wanted to get gas and oil discounts.

Meanwhile, in the central square of Minsk, pro-Russian activists were demonstrating their love for Russia.

Public activists found out the identities of those who spent the weekend at the pro-Russian rally in the Independence Square in Minsk. The person with a tricolor in his hands is Alyaksandr Halavin, next to him is the leader of the unregistered organization People’s Liberation Movement Uladzimir Ryzhankou.

Why is it important to know the names of the supporters of the “Russian world” in Belarus?

Thanks to the identities of the “Russian world” adherents being uncovered, it is possible to neutralize them in the first phase of this scenario to destabilize the situation in Belarus.

Among the participants of the rally were Alyaksandr Lyavonau, Syarhey Lanavenka, Andrei Dzimentau. They came to the Independence Square on Saturday, February 4. They called the picket “massive”. There were heard slogans about the solidarity with Russia and Donbas.

“I must admit that in Belarus there are plenty of people who would welcome bigger presence of Russians here, and who is charged with Russian chauvinism. Repeating constantly that we do not want into NATO and will not pose a threat to Russia does not work any more,” said political analyst Ales Lahvinets.

“Belsat” asked the residents of the capital if Minskers feel threatened by the people in favor of pro-Russian separatists fighting in eastern Ukraine nad if there is a danger of the “Russian World”.

“The threat of war between Belarus and Russia exists, and I am in favor of an independent Belarus,” a woman said.
“I have not seen any threat so far, but it is obvious that Russia would be happy to have a military base in our territory,” says the passer-by.

According to experts with whom we spoke, the majority of pro-Russian organizations in Belarus, from sports-patriotic clubs to the People’s Liberation Movement, coordinate their activities among themselves.

All organizations are coordinated by Rossotrudnichestvo

Rossotrudnichestvo is an incubator of Russian organizations in Belarus, which is in turn under the umbrella of the Russian Embassy in Belarus.

Dzyanis Ivashyn advises to pay attention to Crimea and Donbas three years ago, which open supporters of the “Russian World” were once considered almost marginal, and now they hold the power in their hands.

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