‘Make them beg for death’ – Lukashenka orders to put drug dealers under unbearable conditions

The Belarusian President suggests toughening punishment for drug-related crimes, he said Thursday at the government session to discuss the fight against the illegal trade in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors and analogues.

 “Unbearable conditions should be provided for these people. I do not think that we need a separate prison for such criminals, but if there are too many of them they can be put in one prison. By the way, the prison population in the country has fallen by more than 50% and now we have enough correctional facilities. Such criminals can serve their sentences in a separate block of a maximum security prison if there are not enough people for one facility. Let’s provide such confinement conditions for them so that, I’ll put it plainly, they will be asking for death being kept there. The same can be applied to drug dealers,” Lukashenka stressed.

According to the president, drug addicts must get medical treatment. “Yes, we are sorry for these poor people, but they need medical treatment but not in hospitals where normal people are treated. However, they must be placed in specialized preventative clinics so that they couldn’t have time for anythung but work and sleep,” he told news agency BelTA.


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