Ceasefire not honoured. Another package of EU sanctions against Russia on the table – Tusk

The 2014 Minsk agreement is not honoured.  The ceasefire, which was supposed to take effect at midnight on February 15th, has been violated more than 800 times according to the OSCE.

The EU will not hesitate to take the necessary steps, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, stated that in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

“The European Union stands united on this question and will stay the course. Additional sanctions remain on the table. We should be ready for any development, good or bad, if the situation in Donbas does not improve,” he said.

According to Donald Tusk, the members of the bloc are unanimous in this issue and will continue their policy.

He stressed that the EU still hopes for peace so that the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine would be restored as soon as possible.

As Belsat reported earlier, British PM David Cameron said there would be ‘deeply damaging’ consequences for all of Europe if the EU failed to stand up to Putin on Ukraine, predicting that the Russian president could turn against the Baltic states or Moldova. “If Russia fails to quit the conflict in Ukraine the EU may impose another sanctions package on it,” he stressed on Tuesday.


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