Authorities crack down on opposition ahead of Outraged Belarusians March

Belarusian National Congress is preparing for another protest to be held next Saturday. Unlike previous rallies, this time the opposition will put focus on economic requirements.

The authorities responded with what they always did — arrests of protest leaders.

The protest against the Belarusian-Russian military exercises “Zapad-2017” was held on September 8, but its participants are getting prison terms only now. The other day, one of the organizers of the second march, Yauhen Afnahel,has been put in jail. Several days before that, he told Belsat that the demands of decent wages evolve in political slogans.

Last time, on February 17, the Belarusian National Congress brought to the streets of the capital about 3,000 people. Together with mass protests in the regions, they pushed authorities to making concessions and suspending the so-called tax on parasitism. However, after the wave of protests receded, the authorities said they were preparing a new version of the decree. It will be known for what and how much the Belarusian unemployed will pay will be known before November 1.

Usevalad Shlykau, “Belsat”, photo: Viktor Drachev / TASS / Forum

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