Special gratitude to Paralympians: thrice as little money

Generally Belarusian Olympians receive a bonus of $150.000 for a gold Olympic medal, but it is not the case of disabled persons.

In London Belarusian Paralympians have swept ten Olympic medals, all five golds by Igor Boki. He won gold in 100m Butterfly on 31 August, silver in 50m Freestyle on 1 September and gold in 100m Freestyle on 2 September, gold in the 100m Backstroke on 3 September, gold on 7 September and broke the world’s record in the 400m Freestyle on 4 September.

Belarus is 25th in the medal count, 164 countries participating in the Paralympics. But it is the Olympic Games that our country has showed the worst result in: 13 medals won (3 golds, 5 silvers, 5 bronzes and 13th place). Compared to previous Olympic Games Belarus backwatered in terms of medals.

“350 healthy Olympians won 12 medals; 31 Paralympians having carried off ten medals, at that five golds,” sports reviewer Iladzimir Dauzhenka counted.

Belarus’ authorities neglect the fact that a disabled person’s way to such a victory is much more painful and strenuous. According to the national “estimate” approved by the President, a Paralympian gold medal is valued three times as less as an Olympian one. The government presents a cash bonus of $ 150.000 and $ 50.000 respectively, for a silver one – $ 75.000. and $ 30.000., a bronze – $ 50.000. and $ 20.000.

It is noteworthy that a world practice being held by neighbouring Russia and Ukraine is based on equal money rewarding to both Olympians and Paralympians.



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