Independent journalist’s photos posted on porn sites

Larysa Shchyrakova, a journalist and the leading lady in a picture produced for Belsat TV, has found out that a number of porn sites contains her naked pictures…

In her interview to Belsat TV Mrs Shchyrakova said that there also were X rated texts under the photos on some sites. Besides, some users started sending her messages with ambiguous propositions.

Surprise in store

When my acquaintances told that they had seen my photos I did not believe. I suggested that my friends were playing pranks on me. But later someone I know sent me two links and I actually saw what kind of pictures there was. They belong to my private archive, it was a nude series. My husband took some snaps of me topless, ” she said.

According to the journalist, an article poking fun of her appeared on “There were such lines: have a look what the famous fighter for the freedom of speech usually does in her off,” Larysa goes into detail.

After her addressing to a site owner the pictures were removed. Mrs. Shchyrakova filed applications to police and the Prosecutor’s Office as well.

Who is to blame?

Larysa Shchyrakova is absolutely sure that it is the KGB officials that should take responsibility for posting her intimate photos on porn sites. In January 2011 they seized all her data storage media, including computers and pen drives. “Such captions under the pictures as ”Look at her! She is a journalist!” strongly suggest that they aimed at my discrediting in the public eye. Guilty mind is never at ease. Who catch up journalists and play off policemen against them during some protest actions while I film? It is KGB officials, the message is clear,” Mrs Shchyrakova said.

According to this line, chekists have waited in the wings for a year and a half: before the parliamentary elections Larysa has become more active. Furthermore, the first showing of the film with her in the lead role is coming soon: in October Belsat viewers will be the first to see a biographic semidocumentary telling the story of Paluta Badunova, a member of the Belarusian Party of Social revolutionaries, a minister of the Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic, a victim of Stalinist purges.


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