Will opposition activists take a lie-detector test?

Siarhei Martsaleu, former Mikalai Statkevich’s election campaign chief, has come up with the suggestion. In his opinion, the opposition leaders “who intend to take part in the parliamentary election campaign” were involved in the criminal cases of mass rioting after the 2010 presidential elections. Most of them were suspected of collaboration with Belarusian security forces.

“The fact that some politicians had to write repenting letters to President and the experience of ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich who admitted his having been released in return for the promise of collaboration with the KGB have added fuel to the fire. Reasoning from this fact, a number of politicians allege that there is “General Zaytsau’s [KGB Chief – Belsat] faction in the Belarusian opposition,” Siarhei Martsaleu told news company Belapan.

This has resulted in the confidence gap among the opposition body; at the same time the security forces are spreading rumours of recruiting and collaboration. According to Martsaleu, politicians participating in the election campaign “must prove thet they do not collaborate either with Belarusian or foreign security services.”

In his view, such step will regain the trust in the opposition movement and deprive state-owned television of the opportunity to repeatedly allege that the opposition activicts closely cooperate with foreign security services. Mr. Martsaleu declared his determination to be the first person to be examined. Independent media should monitor conducting lie-detector tests, he suggested.



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