Russians escaping from Warsaw by Belavia planes? No panic!

On June 14, 2012 it was reported that Russian football fans had referred to the Belarusian air line for help.

National air line Belavia is ready to meet the needs of Russian fans and it is able to help them return home ahed of schedule, Belavia Deputy Head Ihar Charhinets told news agency Belapan. According to him, Belavia representative office in Warsaw sent him a request for change in fare conditions.

“It is a general practice of group flights that all group members arrive and depart in one flight. But this case is exceptional. Some people of the group that commanded our service said that under such conditions they could not stay in Poland any more because they are trembling for their lives. They asked Belavia to aid in urgent return to their country. We have done them a favour,” the Deputy head stressed.

Belsat TV got in touch with Mr. Charhinets who pointed out that there is no stampede of Russian tourists from Warsaw. In accordance with his words, a number of passengers who have asked for moving their flight to an earlier date is less than 50. As the Belavia representatives in Warsaw told the Deputy Head, some Russians seem to have been beaten.

It was during the march of Russian fans in Warsaw when clashes took place before the match Poland vs. Russia on June 12, 2012. The organised group of fans was heading for the National Stadium across Poniatowski’s Bridge under the guard of police.

Policemen tried to prevent the sides from fighting using rubber bullets, water canons and tear gas; tens of people were injured, including 17 policemen. A citizen of Russia, who has a jaw fracture, is still in hospital.


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