Off the beaten track: Belarusian embassy given unpleasant surprise

In Treptower Park in Berlin, not far from the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, an unusual bench has been set up: there are plates with names of the Belarusian dictatorship-affected people on it. When they are released from prison the plates will be removed.

Artist Maryna Naprushkina, «Counterpropaganda Bureau» manager, explained that the project-team used only 19 names included in Viasna human rights organization’s list of political prisoners and missing persons. According to her, it is impossible to name all the victims of the Lukashenka regime on the bench. The artist hopes that someday there will not be a single nameplate left there.

«In my opinion it is a fine project to attract public attention to the Belarusian political prisoners and call for the release of these people in front of the embassy. It is crucial that not only European politicians should be aware of the political prisoners, they are discussing both this situation and the possibility of imposing sanctions anyway; it is important to let civil society know that we can not sit back as silent spectators whereas in Europe people are persecuted due to their political beliefs,» Marcus Meckel, former foreign minister of the GDR, said at the presentation.


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