Breivik’s Belarusian ex-girlfriend interviewed

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet found Breivik’s Belarusian ex-girlfriend in the USA. Being married to a church organ player she lives in a small provincial town and works for a real estate company. Natasha, as she introduced herself, agreed to be interviewed but asked Dagbladet not to reveal her US address.

Being in the search of a wife from Eastern Europe Breivik paid 100 euro to a dating website for the contact information of 20 women.

“He contacted me via Internet. Now it’s unpleasant to think that I could have had a relationship with him,” the woman said.

Natasha, who is about thirty now, visited Anders Behring Breivik in March 2005. At his invitation the Belarusian was staying in his Oslo flat during the visit.

“I was charmed with the tall and strong Norwegian. He was well-dressed and lived in a good part of Oslo,” Natasha told Dagbladet.

But soon her attitude to Breivik changed. “He was a chauvinist. I felt he did not take me seriously,” Natasha confessed.

She feels no desire to be considered as an ex-girlfriend of the Norwegian terrorist. For this reason Natasha asked Dagbladet to keep her address in secret. It can be guessed straight away that Natasha is not her real name.

As it was informed before, Breivik’s friends told police that he decided to find a wife from Belarus, because Norwegian women are too obsessed with gender equality. He had no hope that any of them would become a good housewife.

On January, 13 the Norwegian court ordered a new psychiatric evaluation for Breivik after an earlier one found him legally insane.


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