Jerzy Buzek concedes defeat in Belarusian issue

Jerzy Buzek, the President of the European Parliament, admitted that the failure of the European policy towards Belarus was the major defeat of him. This announcement was reported to be made on January, 15 in Warsaw, just before the elections of the EP President whose term of office is two and a half years.

According to Jerzy Buzek, the situation in Belarus has considerably worsened despite massive efforts were repeatedly made to change it. The EP President pointed out that such state of the country should not be tolerated but it is exceptionally hard to exert effective influence on the Belarusian authorities. Prof. Buzek declared the necessity of supporting the Belarusian opposition; to his mind, nothing but civil society is able to change Belarus to the better.

As the EP President noted, Europe is facing a dilemma in the Belarusian issue. On the one hand, the human rights should be respected while on the other hand, the sovereignty of Belarus is increasingly becoming reliant on Russia due to the economic collapse.

Jerzy Buzek stressed that he had always tried to react on the human rights defence problem in Europe and abroad. “Human rights is the main EU export item,” he said.


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