Dzmitry Vus appeals for help to regain free elections in Belarus

The ex-presidential candidate asked Belarusian voters for participating in the activity of the Electoral Code change initiative group. Such change was his main aim being pursued during the presidential election campaign of 2010.

As Vus notes, deputies at all levels, from local councils to the House of Representatives, do not possess any real power. “They are not true deputies because of having been appointed, not elected. That is why the people with deputy badges approve of any absurd initiatives of the authorities. It concerns your town, village, city. Your money is wasted on purchasing expensive cars and erecting ice stadiums while hospitals need medicines, orphan homes and schools lack bedsheets and spoons. You have enough energy to change it! ” Vus says.

“According to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, citizens have the right of introducing draft laws to the National Assembly. <…>At my request Head of the Central Election Commision (CEC) Lidziya Yarmoshyna gave explanations on the imprecisely formulated paragraphs of the Law on Civic Initiatives. On their basis we are able to form an initiative group and registrate it in the CEC. Then we will have to collect not less than 50 thousand signatures within a month in support of the law change. The House of Representatives will be obliged to put it to a vote,”Dzmitry Vus points out.

According to the politician, the draft law is simple and understandable. First of all, amendments should be made to Articles 34, 35, 72 of the Election Code. In Vus’ opinion, it is absolutely necessary for candidates to have the right of sending their representatives to local election comissions.

Vus is sure that such change should be brought about in order to have transparent and independent elections. The ex-presidential candidate mentions that representatives of a number of parties and NGOs support his initiative but any clear disposition to participate in the campaign has not been shown yet.


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