Lukashenka is not afraid of the Internet

Belarus learned how to fight „revolutions through social networks” – announced president Lukashenka during a session of Parliamentary Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Minsk.

Belarusian president wants to increase focus on information published in the Internet. “Only a blind person can not noticed what is happening there” – Lukashenka was quoted by Bielta news agency. “The information space is used in different ways to destabilize the situation in this and other countries”.

As an example, Lukashenka used Middle Eastern states. – One cannot think that since it’s far, it won’t happen to us. But one should neither think that we are afraid of it” – he added.

In 2011 Belarus was subjected to attempts to destabilize situation here through the usage of social networks. “We learned how to fight this evil and we came to conclusion we need to coordinate our efforts. There is no fear hear, no bans. We are not shutting down the Internet, blogs, websites, social networks. Go ahead and discuss. But if it’s a criminal activity – we will use adequate means” – stressed Lukashenka.


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