Uladzimir Niaklayev supports collecting evidence against Lukashenka

British lawyers from McCue and Partners law firm in cooperation with Belarusian dissidents, collected evidence to prove that Aleksander Lukashenka tortured political prisoners. They hope that a number of European countries will indict Belarusian president.

Uladzimir Niaklayev, a former presidential candidate, who spent some time in Belarusian prisons, supports the initiative of the British lawyers. “Disappearing of Belarusian politicians is not a story from few years ago. As we are talking now, we don’t know where Statkievich and Sannikov are. Lukashenka actions should be subjected to legal control.” – said Niaklayev.

In his opinion, repressions will continue. “The authorities do not want a dialogue, because it would have led to a system transformation in the country. This situation will not change until someone from the top does not come to their senses and realizes that one cannot hold entire society in such tension, and that one cannot hold in prison innocent people” – he added.

Uladzimir Niaklayev in an interview for Belsat appealed to the Belarusian society to maintain their moral high ground. “The economy can be rebuilt any time in future, but it will not be easy to restore the morality, which the regime has been destroying through all those years”.


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