Statkievich forced to work despite bad health condition

Mikolay Statkievich, a former presidential candidate, who is serving time in a high-security prison camp, was forced to work physically despite his bad health condition, his wife Maryna Adamovich informed Belsat…

Their daughter Hanna spoke for barely a minute with her father. Statkievich managed to inform her that despite worsening health condition, he was forced to perform physical work in the prison camp. The phone call was immediately disconnected.

The former presidential candidate sustained injuries during work in the prison camp. His hand was broken. “They took the cast off, but he still in pain. His ribs are most probably broken. The prison administration is forcing him to sleep on the upper bed bank, but he cannot climb. He might end up sleeping in a sitting position.” – Ms Adamovich told Belsat.

She cannot visit her husband, because their marriage is not formally registered due to bureaucratic obstacles from the prison camp administration.

Mikolay Statkievich, a dissident and a former presidential candidate was convicted and sentenced on May 26th to six years in a high security prison camp for participating in December 19th demonstration against the election fraud.


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