Lukashenka will pardon another 11 political prisoners

Presidential press services informed that another 11 political prisoners sentenced for participating in mass social disorder will be released soon. The reason behind granting clemency was “humanitarian”, informed the press services. The names of the prisoners are still unknown.

This is the third group of political prisoners released by presidential orders. Vasyl Parfienkav, Vladimir Yaromenak, Vitaliy Matsiukievich, Zmitser Drozd, Siarkhey Kazakov, Artem Hribkov, Jawhen Sekret, Ales Kviatkievich and Uladzimir Khamichenka were granted clemency on August 11th. Recalling the same “humanitarian” motives, on September 1st Lukashenka released Zmitser Doronin, Ales Kirkievich, Alekh Khnedchik and Andrei Protaseniya.

Up until the third pardon announced today, there have been 16 people in prisons and prison camps held for organizing and pariticipating in the December 19th demonstration that disrupted public orderd.


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