Minsk: Belarusian soldiers did not fight for Kaddafi

Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected claims of the Libyan revolutionary authorities that Belarusian snipers participated in fighting on the side of Kaddafi. Abdel Majid Ibrahim, one of the leaders of Libyan Transitional Council, listed Belarusians among foreigners who – according to his informations – were smuggled from Tunisia and fought in Trypolis for the overthrown dictator.

– We are convinced that in terms of Belarus, [Abdel Majid Ibrahim] is wrong. It cannot be truth, we are sure that no Belarusian citizens fought in Libya – said Andrei Savinykh, a spokesperson for Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Rumors on Belarusian engagement in military operations and weapon export to war zones, including Libya, have been circulating in media and were always denied by Minsk.
Just recently Al-Zhaziyara TV station published photos of a destroyed buidling of Libyan sectrete services in Trypolis, featuring a catalogue with weapon for sale offered by Belarusian company Bieltecheksport. The photos arose speculations on whether Belarus violated a weapon embargo imposed by the UN on Libya.



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