Silent protests to be held at market places?

Coordinators of the campaign “Revolution through social networks”, who organize Wednesday protests, want to introduce new strategy. So far, people would show their discontent with the regime by gathering at the main squares in their cities and clapping their hands. But this time, the weekly protest will look different.

Viachyslav Dziayanav, one of the coordinators, informed on the page that people should meet at 1 pm at their local market.

Dziayanav is hoping that the change of location can attract some new people. “A market is a place where many random people stroll, such as retirees who shop there. I can’t imagine that police would have blocked the entrance. What is more, we might get entrepreneurs interested in our action. But at this point it is crucial that we have more protest participants. – said Dziyanav.

Many participants of the protests were critical of the changes introduced by organizers. – Who can come to an action at 1 pm? People are at work. – commented Andrei Hladki. He was also skeptical towards another reform suggested by the organizers – to change the meeting day from Wednesday to Saturday. – Wednesday became is certain way symbolical of the protest. There is plenty of information in the Internet, on flyers. People just know that for a protest you come on Wednesday. – he said.

Ryhor Kastosiov, a former presidential candidate, has been an opponent of the silent protests. He stressed many times that they make no sense without the political context. But Kastosiov appreciated the new idea of the organizers. – I know from my own experience that contact with regular people at the market can be very important. It is you who goes out to talk to people. Because people who come to you, are already political. – said Kastosiov. He thinks that if participants of the silent protests will talk to the sellers, buyers, business owners, the action will be actually successful. – They should ask about people’s problems, make ties. If, on the other hand, the protesters will come to the square and stay silent, people will have no clue what is the point of such action. – he added.


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