Majority of silent protesters jailed

According to human rights defenders, out of 190 demonstrators detained during a silent protest in Minsk on July 6th, 119 people faced trial.

Those arrested in the capital, were sentenced to 5 to 15 days in prison or fines. The situation of detainees in other Belarusian towns, remains unknown. According to some estimates there were 400 people arrested in the entire country, but the information is still unconfirmed.

A silent protest organized by the “Revolution through social networks” was held for the first time on June 8th and repeated every Wednesday. Participants meet in central locations of various cities in Belarus, they do not chant and do not bringing any ban symbols – only clap and stamp their feet.

After recent mass detentions, initiators of the action decided to change the concept of the protest and asked people who will gather at the main square to set their cell phones’ alarm clocks for 8pm and went they go off – just leave the square.

Since the first silent protest until today, 1730 people were arrested, including 77 journalists. According to Belarusian Journalists Association, nine reporters were detained on June 15th, eight on June 22nd, twelve on June 29th, and twenty on July 3rd. Finally, there were 28 journalists detained on July 6th, during the last silent protest.


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