„Nasha Niva“ might be shut down soon

An economic court in Minsk upheld the warning issued on April 14th by the Ministry of Information, addressed to an independent newspaper „Nasha Niva“, informed NN.by website. The warning accused newspaper of disseminating untruthful information. The court’s decision means that „Nasha Niva“ might be shut down soon.

The newspaper can appeal the decision within a month. Should they not take such a step or higher court will uphold the decision, the procedure of closing Nasha Niva will begin. According to Belarusian law, if a medium received two warnings within two years, it can be shut down. The first warning „Nasha Niva“ received in November 2009 for disseminating untruthful – in government’s opinion – information about flu epidemic. The second warning concerned the information about a victim of the April 11th Minsk metro bombing left inside the blown up station until late evening.

„Nasha Niva“ had been repressed by the authorities before. In 2006, after the presidential elections, the newspaper was withdrawn from circulation by the state-owned monopoly on press distribution. It was returned to press stands in 2009, as a part of a process of improving relations between the West and Belarus.



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