Owners of Polish Cards might lose their jobs

Belarusian authorities want to change the law in order to hamper life of the Polish Card owners, informed Interfax Zapad news agency. Belarusian Justice Ministry prepared a new legislative proposal under a draft name „On protection of Belarusian national interest“.

Laws on civil service, citizenship and public associations are to undergo changes. According to Ministry’s information, unless a civil servant who owns a Polish Card returns it to the issuing institution, he should lose his job.

Polish Card imposes on its owner an obligation to consider national interest of Poland, and obtaining such card is dependent on owner‘s attitude towards Poland, claimed a person from the Ministry, speaking with Interfax Zapad. He also recalled the decision handed down by the Constitutional Court of Belarus on April 7th, 2011, in which the Polish Card was reviewed and declared in violation of certain norms of the international law.

Also, the Polish Card was criticized by the Belarusian MPs, who claimed it is an obstacle in building friendly relations with Poland.



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