Two years on probation for Niaklayeu and Rymaszeusky

Vladimir Niaklayeu and Vital Rymsheusky, both former opposition presidential candidates were sentenced to two years on probation by a court in Minsk.

The associates of the convicted presidential candidates received the same sentence: chief of staff of the Niaklayeu‘s electoral campaign, Andrei Dzmitryeu Alexander Fiaduta and Siarhiey Vazniak.

Nasta Palazanka, deputy chairwoman of the Young Front was sentenced to a year of probation. Palazanka acted as Rymasheusky’s women of confidence during the last year’s presidential election.

All the dissidents were accused of organizing or participating in activities which seriously violate public order. Allegations related to the post-election opposition demonstration in Minsk on the evening of December 19th, which was broken up by the police. The demonstrators were protesting against the official election results, according to which Alexander Lukashenka was re-elected with nearly 80% of votes.



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