Separatist in Eastern Ukraine: ‘Presidents Lukashenka and Putin are with us!’ (video)

Organisation Russian National Unity, presidents of the neighbouring countries, a Nazi greeting – all the aspects were included in one speech of an anonymous pro-Russian protester in Makiyivka (Donetsk region).

{movie}Pro-Russian separatist: ‘Putin and Lukashenka are with us!’ (in Russian)|right|15958{/movie}

In his address to people the speaker who has not been identified yet stated that he had had a talk with the representatives of organisation Russian National Unity from Hrodna, Belarus via social media. They reported him the words of Belarusian president Lukashenka who allegedly had said that ‘if it should be necessary he will support the workers’ South-East together with Putin’. It is noteworthy that at parting the young man called out ‘Glory to Russia!’ and saluted in a Nazi-like way, by extending the right arm in the air with a straightened hand.

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