Ukrainians’ outrage: Odessa’s thugs barred from going to Kyiv (video)

Tituski ( rent-a-thugs actively used by the government in local standoffs with people) were going by buses from Odessa to Kyiv to support Berkut riot police in their fight against protesters on Maidan.

In the town of Zvenigorodka (Cherkasy region) the buses were stopped by local citizens. They made tituski get out the buses, kneel and beg Ukrainians’ pardon, which was being filmed.

{movie}Zvenigorodka: Locals stop titushki going to Kyiv,|right|14945{/movie}

Local police did not interfere, but kept an eye to avoid Lynch law. Most locals prevented some hotheads from beating the mercenaries: moreover, they were released a bit later. It is noteworthy that special forces who titushki reckoned upon failed to turn up and protect them from outraged compatriots.

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