Vote style: Sports Ministry deciding uniform for Olympians

For the first time ever, at the Winter Olympic Games Belarusian sportsmen will represent our country in uniform made in Belarus, not in China. Two companies will compete to dress our sportsmen.

The Ministry’s official website published 32 photos: training suits, T-shirts, shorts, etc. A picture of a cornflower is an element of decoration on clothes designed by Oraz. Once they used this motif in designing suits for boxing and swimmers’ team.

La fason is a group of enthusiasts which has been engaged in the branch for more than a year. The company sews and mends clothes. In their project the designers made a special focus on the official anthem completed by inscription BLR in oval.

At first there were 11 applicants but the judging panel shortlisted Oraz and La fason. The Ministry of Sports asks all the indifferent people to forward their opinions and proposals to ‘Sportsmen’ opinions count: do you like it? What would you amend? The designers are ready for a dialogue and cooperation’.

The price for a set of clothing for an Olympian may reach $1000. Some 50 sportsmen are axpected to take part in the Games. This Olympic order might not be the most profitable one for the designers but image shaping is of primary importance: sewing uniforms for the national Olympic team.

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