Studio Belsat from new angle

There will be more discussions in a live broadcast!

Studio Belsat has come back: all its programs are live. To put all the key questions and provide conveying all the aspects to our audience two news presenters there will be two news presenters of the three-hour news block.

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In the new season we are happy to present program Calendar which will cover the significant events in the Belarusian and universal history.

Program Balance will give you advice on the ways of sparing and explain issues of popular economy.

And the list is not over: you are welcome to watch Silich’s Report and Human Affairs (author Ales Zaleuski).

At 9 pm news bulletin In Focus presents the latest information from Belarus and the whole world.

Program Talk of the Day presents fierce disputes and spotlight interviews.Its guests are newsmakers of the day, participants of socio-political conflicts and experts who are able to explain any event not conforming with accepted views. The program’s presenters – methodologist Uladzimir Matskevich, culture expert Maxim Zhbankou and journalist Sviatlana Kalinkina – put sharp questions and shed light on byways of a problem.

The Day Has Gone, a short news item, will give a summary of the day’s information picture presented by Studio Belsat.

Welcome to Studio Belsat from Monday to Friday at 7 pm. Programs are also available online.

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